Have you given up on church?

Many people have! But we are different.

We believe that people are looking for something meaningful and fulfilling, something that will help them make sense out of the highs and lows of life - a word of encouragement, relationships that matter, people who care.

Wilderness Community Church is not your typical church.

Our Sunday Celebration Service is designed to for those seeking answers to their spiritual questions, to provide resources to use in exploring some important questions of life, and as a place where anyone can come and check out the claims of Christianity at their own pace without feeling pressured or judged.


SERVICE TIME: 10:00 Sunday morning

Sunday Experience

We are convinced that your Sunday Experience should be an event to which everyone looks forward. You see, we have a desire to be an authentic church that communicates a message of encouragement and hope through a fresh, relevant, and innovative approach. Everything we do on Sunday is designed to create a safe place for people who want to learn about this Christian life from others who are walking along this journey.

Interested? Then we invite you to join us!

We think you will find it is worth your time.

Everything about our Sunday experience is relaxed. We want you to be yourself so we provide a casual atmosphere. We have a lot of fun and we want you to be able to enjoy yourself too. You will first be warmly welcomed and provided with helpful information. The Sunday Experience includes upbeat, contemporary music, and a practical, encouraging, and relevant message that speaks to everyday life situations. You can remain as anonymous as you want to be. Our goals are to provide you with an opportunity to explore hard questions about life and faith, and to learn more about Jesus Christ.  We provide hand-sanitizing stations and our rows are widely spaced to provide plenty of social distancing.  Masks are optional.