We are convinced that your Sunday Experience should be an event that everyone looks forward to. You see, we have a desire to be an authentic church that communicates a message of encouragement and hope through a fresh, relevant and innovative approach. We want to be a place where anyone can come and check out the claims of Christianity at their own pace without feeling pressured or judged. Everything we do on Sunday is designed to create a safe place for people who are looking for answers to their spiritual questions and to provide resources for you to use in exploring some important questions of life.

Interested? Then we invite you to join us!

We think you will find it is worth your time!


SERVICE TIMES: 8:30 AND 10:30 Sunday mornings


What will I experience at a Sunday Celebration Service?

Everything about our Sunday experience is relaxed. We want you to be yourself so we provide a casual atmosphere. We have a lot of fun and we want you to be able to enjoy yourself too. You will first be warmly welcomed and provided with helpful information to assist you in locating our nursery and children's ministries if you want to take advantage of these ministries. You will have an opportunity to enjoy some refreshment (coffee, hot chocolate, tea and/or cold drinks). You will receive a program that will guide you through the Sunday Experience. The Sunday Experience includes upbeat, contemporary music, a drama or a clip from a recent movie, and a practical, encouraging, and relevant message that speaks to everyday life situations. You can remain as anonymous as you want to be. Our goals are to provide you with an opportunity to explore hard questions about life and faith, and to learn more about Jesus Christ.


What do you mean by casual atmosphere?

As our guest, we want you to feel welcome and loved. Just come inside, have a seat and enjoy the service. We won't single you out or make you feel uncomfortable. We dress casually. You can wear whatever you're comfortable in.


What is provided for infants, toddlers, and children?

We provide a nursery staffed by carefully selected and trained individuals. You will receive a paging system to let you know whether you are needed in the nursery. We also provide a special ministry for your children -- KidZone -- where your children will participate in fun, age-appropriate activities that will give them an opportunity to explore the Christian faith too. Our KidZone team is also carefully selected and trained. Of course, your children are welcome to remain with you throughout our Celebration Service.