Peru Missions

Be a part of a team that makes a difference! The teams help with:

  • Pastors conferences
  • Medical clinics
  • Construction projects
  • Vacation Bible School (VBS)

We are partnering with orgainzations in Medillin, Colombia.  Working on the problems of street crime and homelessness.  Medical teams go and offer vaccinations and basic screenings for the street people of Medellin. Esther House is an unwed mothers' home where street girls are able to safely wait out their pregnancies and have their children all while learning of the love of God.

Come and join the adventure. Our medical teams offer free care to the Quechua Indians in the mountains, to jungle areas of Pucalpa to help the Shipibo Indians and to the Cuzco jungle to assist the Ashaninkan people. Teams of youth and adults travel to Ayacucho and surrounding towns to provide children with VBS. At the same time they teach the teenagers how to organize their own VBS.

Members of this team are involved in supporting the ministry through prayer, events designed to fund our mission trips, encouraging others in our church family and community to go on mission for God in Peru and a myriad of other activities that are making a difference for Christ amongst the Quechua people.

For more information on this ministry, contact the main office.