Small Groups

Wilderness Community Church is a church of small groups. We encourage every member to be part of a small group. We believe that involvement in Christian community is essential to our journey with Jesus. We have a number of small groups currently meeting to encourage you and help you grow in your faith. Why not take the time and make it a point to become involved in a small group? If you would like to learn more about small group life at Wilderness Community Church, contact the church office.

Some of our groups meet continuously throughout the year and they are highlighed below with a link to their page. Other groups form to do a one time study, which are also listed below.  We encourage you to click on the links to explore the groups that meet continuously.  If you are interested in any of the one-time studies listed, please call or email Teresa Marcus at the contact info listed above for more details. All are welcome!


10:00 am - Dudes & Donuts


7:00 pm -  Monday Night Bible Study

7:00 pm -  Walking By Faith


7:00 pm -  Sisters In Christ

7:00 pm - Men's Transformation Group 

7:00 pm -  God's Girls (4th & 5th grade girls)


11:00 am - Women's Transformation 

6:30 pm - Millennials For Christ (adults between the ages of 18 - 25)

7:00 pm - Wesleyan Building Brothers

7:00 pm - ACTS (see Youth page)


9:30 am- JOY Group


9:00 am - Friday Inductive Bible Study


8:00 am - Men's Transformation Group













What Happens When Monday Hits?


This group meets at 9:50 AM on Sunday mornings, just after the 8:30 Celebration Service, in Room 210. The Team Leader comes prepared with a reading: she chooses various verses from the Bible, along with a unique story that illuminates and brings to life the day's chosen scripture. On Sunday morning, the participants read the scripture and story together.  A time of discussion follows, which includes how the verses resonate to them and how to practically apply it to their life in the coming week. All are welcome to join this group. There is no homework or requirement outside of class; just come and be prepared to be moved by God's word!

For more information, contact Team Leader, Carole Harding (972-3182).

Monday Night Bible Study 

Bible Study image

Join us on Monday nights at 7:00 pm in room 208 for a word by word study of the Bible.  We read and discuss one chapter for several weeks before moving to the next chapter. We allow ample time to fully absorb what is being read. We welcome any and all questions. 

All levels are welcome, whether this is your first foray into reading the Bible or whether you have spent years in study.  

Our group will give you accountablity in keeping up with your reading, we encourage and celebrate your victories, we provide support and prayer through difficult times, AND we've been meeting for over 15 years! For more information, contact the main office

Donuts Dudes & Donuts

All men are invited to join this group!  They meet at 10:00 am in Room 212 on Sunday mornings over donuts for a time of fellowship, devotion and prayer. For more information, contact the main office

Walking By Faith

The next study will start on Monday, September 11 at 7:00 p.m. in Rooms 212 & 214.

Walking By Faith is open to everyone and meets on Monday nights (it's a coed group!). The new study is Priscilla Shirer's "The Armor of God." This study is for those who are feeling defeated & discouraged or hopeless about things that matter to you: your dreams, your destiny, your purpose in life. The enemy seeks to catch you unaware and unarmed. Join us to develop a strategy & action plan to secure victory. Learn how to put on the armor of God!

To order a book or for more information, contact Lisa LaCasse in the main office. 540-972-8808

Armor of God