Global Transformation Ministries - Medellin, Colombia


20170302 094321Working together for the good of God's Kingdom in Medellin, Columbia

At God's calling Wilderness Community Church began a partnership with Pastor Brian Miller and Global Transformation Ministries early in the year of 2017.  

Pastor Brian has been working with the homeless and street people of Medellin for over 10 years. His work has been such an inspiration to us at Wilderness and we felt the excitement of wanting to help Brian and his church with the many projects benefiting these people.

Our initial involvement will be in the way of offering VBS for the children, free medical clinics for the very needy, and financial assistance for the growth of the churches in the area.

The first VBS team ventured to Medellin in July 2017. It was an amazing success with the team reaching over 1000 children. There are plans for another team to go in 2018.

There is a medical team preparing for a trip to Medellin and remote areas in February 2018. This will be a weeklong trip to offer health care to people who are not able to receive medical care but desperately need help.20170305 094020

We encourage you to get involved in this new and upcoming ministry. There are many ways to help. Join us in selling coffee and chocolate to raise money for the many projects. You can help with gathering VBS or medical supplies or sell crafts from the churches in Medellin. Please include this ministry in your prayers. Help us show our love for the people of Medellin.


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