I am Kang Lee, new pastor of Wilderness Community Church (WCC). I married my wife, Ji Ji in 2005. We have a ten year old girl, Sarang, which means 'love' in Korean.

I give thanks to Rev. Keith Boyette, Rev. Brad Phillips, WCC staff and all sisters and brothers at WCC for their love and dedication for our God and His body.  I am honored and excited to serve our Lord Jesus and His disciples at a church many brothers and sisters have faithfully prayed and served for more than two decades!

My friend, we are going through an unprecedented event, Covid-19. How about economic uncertainty, racial tensions, and the schism of UMC? People are looking for real hope in Jesus Christ.

For the last two decades, God has prepared me for the ministry we've just begun. Most importantly, God has taught me I must send out His Word to all nations... To fulfill God’s Great Commission (Matthew 28:19), Jesus called me two decades ago and has shaped me as His own disciple... He let me speak two languages: English and Korean. He let me have sixteen years of experiences in Cross-Racial & Cross-Cultural ministry.

My friend, I trust God has a special plan for you and me here at Wilderness Community Church. As you and I humble ourselves and pray together, God the Holy Spirit will open our eyes for His divine plan and He will fulfill His Great Commission through us.

It is a new season of God’s ministry. So, come to Jesus. Come to Wilderness Community Church. 
Let us serve together our God and His people in our community, our country and our world.

I am looking forward to meeting you and your beloved ones soon.

May God richly bless you and your beloved ones in this new season of ministry. Amen.